Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


I use an evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy approach called TEAM (Testing, Empathy, Agenda Setting of Methods) therapy, developed by Dr. David Burns of Stanford University ( The TEAM therapy approach is very effective in addressing depression, anxiety, PTSD and low self- esteem. Dr. Burns is the author of the bestselling book, “Feeling Good, the New Mood Therapy.” Through my training with Dr. Burns and his associates, I hold a Level II certification in TEAM therapy.

TEAM Therapy

  • Testing is a means of assessing mood and symptoms.
  • Empathy is essential in any successful therapeutic relationship. The client must feel sincerely understood before any movement can occur in therapy.
  • Agenda Setting is done with the client as a means of assessing motivation and benefits for making changes.
  • Methods are the tools utilized to help reduce depression, anxiety and other symptoms.
  • Measurements are taken at the start and finish of each session to provide your therapist with feedback to custom tailor your therapy experience.

What should you expect from my therapy approach?

Sessions are frequently of longer duration and intensity than typical therapy, which can result in shorter overall time in therapy. The therapy plan is developed with, and tailored to each client.

HOMEWORK will be a required component of engagement in TEAM therapy.

How do I get started?
An initial telephone consultation will determine the appropriateness for TEAM therapy.

How much will my therapy cost?

The charge for each therapy hour is $150. No insurance is accepted for services. The need for a lower fee will be considered on a case by case basis.